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Our daughter will be 20 months at Christmas.

We are giving her:
- child's wooden table and chairs from Ikea.
- very basic little wooden train set from Ikea.
- CD of nursery rhymes ("Wee Sing Children's Songs & Fingerplays").
- a picture book.

In her stocking, she'll be getting:
- four small plastic wild animals (giraffe, elephant, hippo, cheetah).
- sunglasses (she wants to wear glasses soooo much!).

My parents are giving her:
- small farm set with animals, a tractor, and a barn.
- rhythm instruments (Melissa and Doug "band in a box").

Her other grandparents already gave her their gift, an assortment of winter clothes.

If I didn't already think this was enough stuff, I would strongly consider a set of Duplo blocks - you know, like Legos but much bigger. Or play dishes and food. (We're planning to get her a kitchen for her 2nd birthday.)
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