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Christmas Meal Help!... 2 Questions

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1. My roasted veggies always come out soggy. I want to make them for Christmas dinner, but where they come out crispy. I toss yams, beets, brussel sprouts, parsnips, ginger and shallots with coconut oil, tumeric and cinnamon, and roast at 400 for 45 mins., stirring halfway through. Why do they come out all soggy and not crispy???

2. I'm making cornish game hens for 5. Never made even 1 before! How do I make them, and to cook them all at once in the oven, how long?

Thanks for your help!!!
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Crispy roast veggies...cook for less time by a little bit (open the oven and poke them with something now and then to check), and allow some space between them and don't pile them up, I think if they're packed in together they keep juices more. And don't cover the dish of course.

For the Cornish game hens, thaw them if frozen, brush with oil, glaze or rub with spices if you like, cook them at 375 for about an hour. You can stuff them with about a cup each of stuffing if you want just before they go in the oven, or stick lemon slices in them, or whatever.
For the veggies, if you have time and the space on your stove top, I would saute them in a pan. We make so many of our veggies this way. We put the veggies in raw, spray the veggies with cooking spray. They have come out with really great flavors now like garlic, lemon, etc. I like to season them different every time. This technique keeps the veggies crispy, they are pretty healthy, and they have a lot of flavor. If, possible try this before the holiday to see if you like it.

As for the cornish game hens, if the opening is big enough on the bottom I would recommend something different for the special occasion. We make beer can chicken a lot on the grill. It is so delicious! It comes out incredibly moist and very flavorful. If you are not familiar with this technique all it is is..

Rub the chicken with seasoning of your choice, the more the merrier. Take a half full can of beer, insert it into the chicken (this keeps constant moisture in the chicken -- you can use other can of pop or whatever you like but the beer when cooking gives a nice flavor). Set the grill on low - medium heat and prop the chicken so they are sitting on their legs. Place something like a brick to leave a vent when grilling. They usually take anywhere from an hour to 2 hours to cook. Be careful when taking the can out, it is very hot! Let sit and then carve.
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