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DD/2.5 is just getting over Croup (and now I think the baby has it
: ) and we were sent home with a nebulizer and asthma meds, as well. She also got a steroid shot to help open the air passage. It's not that they think she has asthma, it's my understanding that Croup restricts the airways and the asthma meds open up the air passages.

Is she having and Stridor (serious breathing difficulties)? My DD had a lot of Stridor (her breathgin was SO LOUD) and that's why all those meds (esp the shot) were needed.

Everything our ped told me matched up with info I found online about treating Croup. None of it is very fun, but DD has snapped back pretty quickly. Her fever is gone and the cough is much better (just 2 days after seeing the doc), and her breathing is nearly silent again. I found this dr sears article to be helpful.
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