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Chronic Ear Infection/Fluid Behind Ear

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Okay, DD has been having LOTS of trouble hearing. So I took her in for her 4yr checkup and the Dr noticed that she had a massive ear infection. (It was a bit bizzare because DD was not complaining at all about her ears, had she been I would have taken her in right away.) The Dr gave her a heavy dose of antibiotics and said to come in for a recheck in about four weeks. We got started on the antibiotics and noticed her hearing really got better. She didn't have a stuffy head anymore and seemed to be sleeping better. Well, we had a playdate with a classmate and his mother didn't tell us that they all had the flu and we ALL got it. (Even DH got it a bit and he never gets sick) DD got the green snot and wet cough and has seemed worn out but never got a fever. Now she is having trouble hearing again and I just know they are going to find lots of fluid and possibly an infection in her ears again when we go in for our checkup on Thursday. What the heck should I do? I do not want her to be on antibiotics all the time and I'm not sure that I really want her to have tubes put in. Any other mamas who've had these kind of problems and how did it get resolved? Anything I can give her to try and help her head dry out and get the fluid out of there?

(I consider my kids pretty healthy. I mean, they have their share of runny noses, but we really aren't *sick* alot. I also don't go running to the dr for every little thing.)

Anyway, TIA!
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