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Chronic nose bleeds

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I am getting little worries about my six year old. The past few days she has been having terrible, gushing nose bleeds. 5-6 a day. She is prone to getting them but this is a lot, even for her.

What could be causing this? What could I do to help her?


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No answers for you. This was me when I was little...just looking to see what the reason could be.
I've had near-daily nosebleeds since I was a toddler. It wasn't until I broke my nose at 18 that I was diagnosed with having a deviated septum (so like my nostrils aren't separated inside my nose, it's just this one big cavity in there-- lovely!). I still get frequent nose bleeds & the one thing that saves me from constant uncomfortable dry nose & bloodiness is Vaseline! Yep, I put that slime up my nose several times every single day (*especially* before I go to bed).

You could use a q-tip to rub some around in your dd's nostrils. Tell her it doesn't hurt a bit, it's just slimy, like a slug climbed in her nose.

I get the most nosebleeds from dry air. Air conditioning is my enemy! I can't sit an an air conditioned car or home without being near an open window. And they're always worse in the hot summer months.

Good luck, I hope you figure this out!
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