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Chronic vomiting in 4.5 year old

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HELP please! Pediatrician has no idea what's going on, and his best advice was to take her off dairy (little sister has casein allergy).

DD has been vomiting for the past 2 months or so. The first month it was twice a week, and in the past month since she's been off dairy, she's only thrown up 3x.

Prior to this she only vomited once a year or so, I think a total of three times in her life.

Between episodes she's totally fine.

Every time she's thrown up it's been in bed. We've changed beds, sheets, bedding, pillows, everything. She also complains of localized abdominal pain, and will point with one finger right at her belly button.

Any ideas?
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have you done any bloodwork or stool sample? does she overeat? something too acidic? i have no clue, but it seems that something is up. i would definitely stop dairy altogether, maybe see an allergist and add non dairy probiotics. good luck!
Yes, we were all dairy free for several months due to DD2's diet, but weren't super strict with DD1. Now we are all back to no dairy.

The only testing she's had done is a urine sample at one pedi visit, to check sugars and keytones (they were both fine). Pedi had said that if she continued vomiting to call and he'd give us a referal to the pedi GI NP (no pedi GI doctor in the state). She did and I called, but the nurse never passed the information on and we didn't hear anything. We have an appt today anyway for DS so I'll mention it to her pedi.
Very detailed food/drink/symptom journal.
belly button pain can be a sign of appendicitis. Did the doctor consider that?

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Very detailed food/drink/symptom journal.
Thanks, we definitely will


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belly button pain can be a sign of appendicitis. Did the doctor consider that?
I don't think he did. If it was a one-time thing, he might have but because it's recurring I think he's written that off. We just saw the ped today and he said to just keep with the food journal and let him know if she develops any more symptoms.
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My son was having recurrent vomiting (about twice a week, sometimes more or less). I couldn't trace it to any food. We did a metametrix stool sample and he had some nasty bugs. We did meds to treat and he hasn't thrown up since. I know there are lots of causes but I thought I'd throw out another one! Her vomiting is always in bed? Not first thing in the morning?
I believe I'd either find another ped or push that one to take it a little more seriously. Your child has been vomiting for 2 months and they haven't even bothered to do a stool sample or anything? That doesn't seem right somehow.

I had similar problems when I was 4ish, and mine seemed to be triggered by emotional upheaval. Is there anything upsetting to your child going on, any change in routine or whatever?

Also if she's always in bed (i.e. laying down) then maybe something with the inner ear/vertigo which manifests by way of nausea/vomiting?
My DD2 has a condition called cyclic vomiting syndrome, which is believed to be related to migraines. For her, though, she vomits repeatedly in a short period of time, like for a few hours. Then it goes away, and reappears a few days, weeks, or months later.

Other things to look into:
food sensitivities, of course, as mentioned
acid reflux
abdominal migraine
Crohn's disease
gall bladder???

I'm trying to remember what we had to rule out with DD.

One thing: are these vomiting episodes primarily first thing in the morning? If they are, you may want to mention that specifically, because vomiting upon waking can be a signal that there's intracranial pressure. That was the most frightening possibility we dealt with when we were getting a diagnosis.
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