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Chunka Lunka thighs- what covers work? UPDATE

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Oh, poor poor DD is blessed with unbelievable thighs!
Our stash is starting to arrive in drips & drabs
so of course, i have no patience and have to wash and try everything right away! today, she had on one of her TP FFQD's (so cute & trim, great fit!). I tried a prowrap and a bumkins. Both were AWFUL for her poor juicy thighs! Are there any trim wraps out there? I have some bummis on order- will they be any better?


Ok, i think i got the link figured out!
if i could just make it pretty

Update on covers....Bummis & Bumkins are both working fine on trifolded IPF & CPFs. The next try is Bummis over fitteds (especially FF's)
I'm wondering if going up a size in the Bumkins for over fitteds would work- they're so thin & trim i'd love for them to work!!!
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Soakers. That's our fave! Soakers soakers soakers!

And we are struggling in the other cover categories.... I have a Loveybums wool cover on the way.

But we have to do front snapping EVERYTHING because of her CHUBBY thighs!

Luckily, Libby is tall, so I have hope for her in the future
But oy oy oy those thighs are soooooo chunky

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I have to special make mine for Ri because of her chunky thighs..they seem to help keep from the marks and binding...also Simply Cloth cover work great.... Julie moving right now but she does still have some instock...
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Bummis will be bad, I'm afraid. We had to get rid of ours after only one use when C had a BLISTER on her inner thigh from it rubbing. For PUL covers (waterproof) I like Motherease Airflows. They are a little poofy, but they have side snaps so you can get a good loose fit on the superthighs. I would guess any side snap cover would be better than a front closure wrap, at least in my experience.
i love nikky's for chubby thighs, but they don't have a lot of coverage if you use fitteds. they seem much better for prefolds.
My DS has the chunka lunka thighs too, LOL!

Bummis weren't too good, neither were ME Airflows. Now I love the airflow covers, nothing gets thru them, but they left awful red marks on DS's thighs.

My favorites have been green earth covers (very similar to proraps), nikki's, and bumpy's. And of course wool. Wool is great with the chunky monkeys, it doesn't leave the marks and you can have something made to fit.

I would try green earth covers if I were you, they are very inexpensive and they are soft. The gussets are nice too. Do you use mostly fitteds??

Also, there are litewraps. These work well also and are reasonably priced. They run very very big though, order down a size. My son is 26 pounds and the 20-30 lbs size (I think it's a large) is HUGE on him. and these are a few of my favorite places to shop, where you can find some of these items.

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Josh has pretty chuba wuba thighs- not huge, but big enough!
Bummis was awful and left nasty red marks! ITA wool soakers would work best, but if you want just a regular everyday cover I would go with a Bumpy Day or a Bumpy Night. They are the only PUL (are they PUL?) covers I own and they haven't left nasty marks on my boy! A little more pricey than Bummis, but worth it!
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Noah is 8mo with 11" thighs and I like our Bummis a lot.

Fuz tends to run a bit big in the thigh (wool)
Celtic have nice gussets to accomodate the chunkies (wool)

We've really had luck with everything except Stacinator - they kind of have a squarish fit & the waist is too big.
My dd has the chunky monkey thighs as well. I tried the Bummis and it was a no-go, way too tight around the thighs. The ME AF's work a bit better, they are the ones we are using now. I think I might try a Bumpy cover next.

I know it not a cover, but the FB's were great for her thighs- held everthing in and no red marks. I hope you find something that works...let me know!
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This just shows that every kid is different...even chunky thighed kids.

My 5 month old has very chunky thighs- 12". Bummis Super Snap work great for her, but FB left horrible horrible red marks.
wow, you guys are great! I love that bummis work for some & not at all for others. must be WHERE in the thighs they are chunky? who knows? I'd love soakers but probably will use them more at night & around the house b/c she has a ridiculous amount of clothes for a while that were bought WAY before CD's entered the picture (think old navy tiny hineys!) So i'm really thinking trim! I do like the ME's. I'm wondering if the M/L would be less bulky than the L?

BTW ladies, great names for your babies! I love looking at people's sigs!

Originally Posted by bobica
I do like the ME's. I'm wondering if the M/L would be less bulky than the L?
DD has the m/l and they are really roomy for her- plenty big in the rise and the width, that's for sure. Snug, but not too tight in the thigh (12" of chunk).

I think I may try a Bumpy cover next. This trail-and-error thing can be frustrating!
ValorKids are hard to get ahold of, but they're cut perfectly for chubby thighed kids, and they're gorgeous!
We used Nikky wool and Nikky cotton covers for yrs on my dd! I loved um!

Also try Bumpy's
We had a couple for Jordan(chubby dude)and I really liked them!
Valor Kids is taking custom orders again. For a short time, so I'd RUN to her site right now!! lol.

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