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chunky friendly fitteds?

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For moms of chunky babes, what are your favorite fitteds?

I want to try out some different fitteds, it's hard to tell by looks which are going to fit a chunky thigh and waist tho.
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I found most anything with side snaps works good. Lukes drawers and Cloud 9 are some of my favs. Cloud 9 also works good in front snap cause the elastic is very gentle.

Parker was a pretty fat baby and I used Fireflies, Many Ducks and Luke's Drawers on him.
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I have a dd with a skinny waist and HUGE thighs.

I have found that for the MOST part (Cloud 9 is our big exception), we have to have front snapping diapers.

I am currently just drooling over my Pipsqueaks and Loveybums

I like that I can get the waist nice and tight (and BELOW her belly at her waist.... like 4 inches below her belly button
) and still have nice breathing room for her chubbalicious thighs.

And I think it depends on where your kid carries the chub too
I think the reason I like front snap is because of the skinny waist.... side snaps just gape open in the front because I can't get them snug enough in the waist w/o having to tighten the legs and leave read marks
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we only have fireflies & crickett's & they're both working well. siobhan is VERY chunky in the thighs & not as chunky in the belly.

we're moving towards more aio's & not so much fitteds in general.
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