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Church with sling!

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We took Yahootie to church for the first time yesterday, well, since he's been born
I wore him in my RS because I figured people would not reach to touch him as much if he was on me rather than DH carrying him or him in a stroller. It worked wonderfully! He slept the whole time, and I received a lot of comments on my pretty sling. I am even going to get some website information for one of the pastors as her son is 4 months old.

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Very Nice!

I wore dd to church many many times. It was just so convenient! Is there nothing better than holding a sleeping baby while worshiping?
A sleeping baby definitly makes worshipping easier lol

A sling is great when you don't want baby passed down the pew! Glad it worked for ya!
Yesterday I wore DS in a wrap to church for the first time. Previously I have had him in a sling. People leave him alone, and everyone thinks it is just so cute! I am lucky that I go to a very crunchy church. There are 3 of us right now who wear our babies every week. It's so cool. One girl brought her Moby Wrap and I taught her how to use it. She loved it! Yay!

What kind of sling do you have? Mine is old and not at all pretty, imo. I want a new one! I also want a Mei Tei, and an Ergo... I hope the carrier fairy delivers to me soon as my funds are limited now that I am not going back to work...
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