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Chux pads. Where can I buy them (real stores, not online)?

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Where can I buy Chux Pads? Do they carry them at places like Savon, Rite Aid, Long's Drugs or Walgreens? Is there another name for them besides Chux Pads? I'm wondering because I've done searches online at places like,, etc. and haven't gotten any results. Help! I need to buy these ASAP!!
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I did buy mine online, but I've read here that they can be purchased at Target, WalMart, Longs, stores like that. Good luck!
Look in the same section as the Depends!
LOL That's where they are. We always get ours from Walmart.
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Yeah, what they said. Even Safeway has them. I get the best price from Costco, but that's for 100.
I bought mine for birth #1 at Eckerd's or Walgreen's. They weren't called Chux (I didn't even see such a brand). I think they were just the store brand. They have all different sizes, so you might ask your mw (assuming you have one and this is coming from a supply list?) if there is a particular size she prefers to use, since she will likely be the one working with them. My mw with my first birth was quite persnickety about the size she wanted.
I had to have 60 of them and, man, those suckers are way more expensive than I expected! But, they did come in handy for lining my bed after the birth (bleeding and whatnot). Good luck!
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Thanks, ladies!
I'm not sure what size I need. Maybe I'll call her tomorrow and ask her. She told me to get 20 of them. How much do they usually cost anyway?

Also, do any of you know if they sell those plastic sheets, like the ones used for painters, at any of the stores you listed? I know that I can get them at Home Depot, but it would be cool if I could get everything from one store.
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I know you can get painters' drop cloths at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc., and probably Wal-Mart for that matter (where you can also probably get the Chux pads). We are using shower curtain liners for what I presume you are using the drop cloths for (lining bed/floor), but I might pick up some drop cloths too; they're larger, I think.

I just bought a ton of the liners at the dollar store last night. My husband's only concern with HB is that I'm going to bleed all over our floors and stain the grout and carpet (our house is on the market right now), so I'm sure he'll insist I have plastic under me no matter where I go. Nevermind that I didn't get a drop of blood on anything last time....

IIRC (and it's been 2 years, so I may not), the Chux were about $10 for a pack of 10-12.
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I didn't find any in real life either so I bought mine online......THEN I found them at Rite Aid, and they were just called something like Bed Pads or something........and, as another person said, they were in the same area as the depends.

Also, my midwives had me use flanel backed plastic table cloths.....which you can find at Rite Aid also. One under the sheets and one under the tub and you could use another in the "path" from the tub to the bed (mine was not far enough away to matter......). I've heard they work a bit better than the painters drops because the flannel side makes them less slippery.
You can also find the pads at home health supply stores----like the ones that sell things for people who are sick or bedridden.
Walmart also sells actual vinyl sheets. Like for bedwetters--but they come in king size as well. For king-size bedwetters? LOL We had that for our other borths, but I gave it away thinking I was done baby-having. I hate to buy another one for this last little one. I'll prolly do a plastic tarp or othersuch.
what are chux pads?
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