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Thanks for posting that article. It was really interesting and I thought it was particularly relevant to another discussion going on in this forum--the one about the AAP reviewing their stance. Especially this excerpt:

"History will brand the American victims of circumcisers as fools or collaborators with this system of oppression if they fail to act now to stop the circumcisers. Americans cannot afford to be silent any longer. Silence provides the cover circumcisers require to carry out their mutilations on their unwilling, struggling victims. Silence coerces parents into turning their backs on their babies in their hour of need."

We've just got to keep talking about it. Keep telling the truth. The more people leave their kids intact and talk openly about the cruelty of circumcision, the more exposed circumcisers will be and the less able to promote circ under the cover of silence.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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