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Circle of Life Midwifery
Serving Salem, Oregon and surrounding communities

Pamela Hines-Powell, CPM, LM

(503) 364-7359
(503) 409-2888 - cell

[email protected]

Comprehensive prenatal, homebirth and postpartum care honoring women's choices and experiences. Special interest in waterbirth and vertical delivery. Blessingways, bellymasks, prenatal education also available. Some insurance accepted, Oregon Health Plan with an open card. Please call for a free initial consultation.

The Benefits of Homebirth

The many benefits of choosing a homebirth begin prenatally. Hour-long prenatal appointments in your own home reinforce the personal and intimate nature of homebirth, while building a solid relationship that will enhance your birth experience. Extensive prenatal education about testing options, birth options, and holistic ways to maintain a healthy pregnancy takes place within these visits with your midwife. Your family becomes familiar with the birth team - and your midwife becomes familiar with your family, as well as your particular desires for the birth.

Your midwife is available by phone 24/7 for questions or concerns. At the birth, patience and warm support are the most used "tools"...there are no rigorous time frames or "shoulds"; birth is viewed as being highly individual and completely normal in all its various forms. Parents receive honest communication about choices - allowing you to make informed decisions and to be part of your care, rather than subject to it.

Laboring and birthing mothers have freedom - freedom of who will be at the birth, what positions you will labor and birth in, and whether or not you will labor/birth in water. Siblings have been involved, to their comfort level, in prenatal care, so your midwife is no fact, many siblings have an active role in the birth (some announce the sex of the baby, others have the "job" of putting the hat on the new baby). You are encouraged to eat and drink during labor to help with increasing energy needs. When labors slow down, a typical option is to facilitate rest, rather than hurry things along. You and your partner are encouraged to "catch" your own baby - bringing the miracle of your creation full circle.

After the birth, your baby's umbilical cord is left intact until the placenta is born. Your baby stays with you (the best "infant warmer"!), while breastfeeding is encouraged and established. Only after the baby has nursed for a considerable length of time (and your family has had private time to revel in this tiny miracle) is the newborn exam done - right on your bed, right by your side. Your birth team cleans up, fixes a meal for the new family, and conducts a series of postpartum visits through six weeks.

Above all, your midwife considers birth not only a tremendous physical event, but one that holds important emotional and spiritual value. Birth has the ability to shape our entire culture - and the significance of that is not taken lightly. Through open communication, your midwife works for you and with you - to help you achieve the birth you want.
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