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Building on the other circumcision and adoption tread a thought has come to mind. I have realized from various other sites that alot of parents that adopt boys opt to have them circumcised and many mothers urge them to. Whats interesting about that is that the parents who are saying this are the same parents that say that it is better to have it down as a baby because they wont remember it and its too tramatic on a toddler and they would remember it. Arn't these conflicting views? They want to circumcise as a baby because its less tramatic (even though its not) and they wont remember it, yet they want to circcumcise a toddler or little boy for who knows what foregoing the fact that they are the same people who wanted it done as a baby and not an older child because it would be too tramatic.

Its probably hard to understand what I just wrote but I dont know how else to explain it. And I guess this is more of an observation rather than a question. And I just dont understand how their views can be so conflicting.
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