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City of Lakes Waldorf - ???

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Hi! My dd attended Dodge Nature Preschool this past year and we LOVED it - everything about it, except the drive. I decided I can't do 40 miles round-trip 3 times per week next year, so I signed dd up for City of Lakes Waldorf. I'm a little nervous about it because I'm not an anthroposophist.

I'm wondering if you've had a positive or negative experience at City of Lakes or if you know someone who had a positive or negative experience. I would love to actually chat with someone on the phone, if possible.

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We also had considered Waldorf and did a "Little Sprouts" program at the City of the Lakes school (preschool dealie with parent present). I was originally really drawn to Waldorf for some of their values, but the more I researched, the more bizarre some of the beliefs felt to me. I know that lots of families are very happy with Waldorf but would be happy to discuss why we won't be doing it despite the lack of lots of other fantastic options.

PM me and I would be glad to chat by phone. Oh, I forgot to mention that my DS will be starting at Dodge this fall, but we live in St Paul so the driver's doable.
My dd attended that school. I loved it, but she didn't. We weren't anthroposophist, either. In fact I didn't do any research, just visited the school and fell in love. I guess it was the kind of school I wish I had gone to...My dd excelled there and never complained. She just said it wasn't for her and if she could return to public school. Right now we are looking at schools that can offer her a little more acedemically. She says she wants to be done with college by the time she's 20. When I asked her 'why?' she said she didn't want to be a student her entire life like her mom is, lol!

I guess I wish I had made time for her to visit the school first and see if she liked it. I just assumed it would be perfect for her.
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