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our family has decided that it would be best for all of us if we homeschooled our 8yr old. she has a hard time with her ADHD and is really struggling, academically and socially, despite our putting her on meds and having numerous meetings with her teacher..

homeschooling would allow her the personal attention she needs and would allow us to make sure that all her questions and educational needs are being met.

we love her teacher but feel that this is the best for her.

so how do we do it? we never considered it before because both DH and i graduated from public school. but i am very willing to cut back my hours(or quit if necessary)to do this for DD.

how do we find the curriculum we need to follow. how do we get started. it is the middle of the school year but we are commited to following thru.

really want to know where to start.
thanks in advance
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