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Cleaning 1 year-old with a retractable foreskin?

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O.K.I have three sons so I have learned a little bit.(The oldest is only three though)My ds is one and his foreskin has been retractable since he was only a few months old.Now I have left it alone and not bothered it.He just got a diaper rash recently though and the tip of his penis seemed to be really red and took longer to get better than the rest.Will a warm bath still clean out all the dirt?I'm guessing that I still shouldn't retract it to clean it?Just wanting to make sure that I'm not letting any dirt get inside and bother him.Also he seems to be more sensitive then my other two sons would this be caused by the fact that his foreskin has already seperated?
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Sonya, I think that each child is going to be different, his sensitivity is probably just his idiosyncracy, just like some kids are allergic to dairy and others are not... maybe you should look into switching or elliminating products that come in contact with his skin... soap, wipes, laundry detergent, fabric softener, disposable diapers brand...

I don't think you need to do any special care to retract and clean. The preputial sphincter of a little boy is still usually a little tight and you don't want to stretch it and risk hurting or toughening it with scar tissue... it's best to let him do it himself.

A little bath and regular diaper changs is all that a little guy should need.

Love Sarah
My eldest turns 6 in two weeks. His foreskin was partially retractable at 7 months. I never did anything special- and still don't. He can retract it if he wants but he rarely does. If he gets irritated from pick-your-thing- sand, chlorinated pool, detergent- I have always just soaked him in a bath of warm clear water it and whatever the issue was resolves itself.

As for the opening of his foreskin, its never been a problem. His is a shorter foreskin, yet it completely covers the end of his glans and has had a "wide" opening pretty much his whole life.
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