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Cleaning advice for yeast prevention

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I've got thrush and ds (not nursing) is showing signs of a yeast rash (although he doesn't wear a diaper all the time) and my nursing child is showing no signs as well as my dh.

So I want to clean the house to specifically target the yeasties and try to get our house in check along w/ our bodies. Any ideas? I want to spray the couches and floors w/ something that will help neutralize, but I'm not sure about using a vinegar solution on fabric. Also, I'm using grapefruit seed extract as a main line of treatment for my yeasties and was wondering how to incorporate that into a cleaning solution. I was thinking of making a GSE-TTO-vinegar-water spray, but I don't know how those things react together!

TIA!!! ANY advice would be appreciated!!!

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I remember a good article on about treating yeast & cleaning tips, but I do not remember the specifics. Check out that site if you haven't already, lots of great info on battling yeast.
Oh thanks, Max! I thought I had read everything about thrush on kellymom, but I'll have to go back. That is the best website ever!!
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