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Cleft lip surgery all done!

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My 4 mo. daughter is now a week in recovery from her cleft lip surgery!
She looks beautiful, but I am still missing her birth lips! She is amazingly strong and doing well eating again with her special bottle. Though now we are on the hunt for some better formula, maybe even try goats milk, hmm? Lots of rersources but, not sure where to start. She was doing well with the infant organic milk formula from horizon, but Hain company is now making it, but still not in stores. Anyone know any good info. about any other kinds of formula, perferably milk and organic.....I pumped for 4 months but, with ppd, and a 3 year old daughter just was too much! I am trying not to beat myself up over stopping, but, something had to go, I was going a bit insane!
I would like to keep weekly update son my journey..hopefully I'll have the time to.
here's a photo of our warrior babe Kylie Rain
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I'm glad the surgery turned out so well. Last night I was watching a show on Operation Smile - the volunteer medical group that does free clef palate surgeries in developing countries. It's amazing how a fairly simple procedure that is done in an hour or less can make such a dramatic difference in a child's face.

I know it's not the MDC party line but sometimes a mom may have to give formula. I've been there and done that. Perhaps this discussion will be helpful to you.
congrats! must be a weight off your back to have it over with! my dd doesn't have a cleft lip, but she has a bilateral cleft palate, her 1st surgery is going to be the end of next month. I'm still EP'ing but I've said many times that if I had another child I seriously doubt I would have made it this far, I mean it's just impossible to properly watch a toddler and pump at the same time, don't feel guilty. You did the best you could.
Congrats Mama!

As the mama of a babe who had surgery at 6 mos, just be strong for her and remember to stay happy. I'm amazed each day with ds' issues that he still remains uber pleasant and downright jolly! Those little babes are so resilient!

I definitely know how relieved you must be on this end of the surgery-my ds had PDA surgery at 6 mos and it was a long haul to get there. You'll be amazed at how different life is on the other side of your battles. We're now in a holding pattern for a cleft soft palate and in pt for torticollis.

Congrats again, mama!
Thanks for all your words it is soooo helpful to me!
Bri276...Kylie has cleft palate as well- sheduled for 8-12 months old.
Would love to hear more about your expeirences.
Thanks again,
and I hope to get a pic up soon of before and after..
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