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Cleveland - east side

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Hey all,
I'm new to MDC and already thrilled to find many like-minded people. It's so easy to forget that I'm not the only one ever to have done this (everything parenting)! I'd love to know who else out there hails from my neck of the woods - I'm in University Heights, with my DH (7yrs.) DD#1 01/02, DD#2 06/04 two big dogs and a currently unknown number of fish. I just switched to CD and so wish I had done it sooner...
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Welcome, I'm in Cleveland Heights, by Cedar/Lee area. I came over here to post about the Coventry street fair tomorrow & found your post

We've got two dogs also, only one is big, though, other is medium sized. & ds is almost three.

Here are some other groups for our area too:
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