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click and ship question

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Am I just missing something? I'm just figuring out about the USPS website shipping label thing and it appears you can only do this with priority? Is this true?
thanks for any help... I'd love to move away from adding up my stamps, but I can't justify always doing priority. Paying $3.85 when I could pay $1.50 is just not ok for my cheapie self.
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:LOL Yup, you have it right. Click 'n Ship only does priority and express...which really, really stinks. I still like to use Click 'n Ship for parcels that are too big for first class but too small to be sent parcel post cost effectively because you get free DC. I just drop those off in the mailbox and go into the PO to send out the oddballs not going priority. It's not exactly a streamlined system. I really hope Click 'n Ship lets us ship other ways soon!
I love shipping through Paypal. You can ship first class parcel or parcel post with delivery confirmation for only a .20 fee (plus thirteen cents for DC). It is so worth it to me to pay 33 cents a) not to have to schlep to post office with two kids and b) get delivery confirmation. And of course if you use priority mail through them you dont' pay a fee or pay for DC.
the other great thing about priority shipping is that you don't have to worry about buying boxes or envelopes, as you get free boxes and envelopes from the USPS. I order 25 of each box or envelope, they ship it to my house, and I print all labels online through paypal. It's so easy!
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