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clingy stage???

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DD has been super high maintenance the last few days - super clingy, fusses when i get in the shower (actually b4 I get in when I just start running it), fusses when I sit her down so i can use the toilet or chop onions or anything.

I can't get anything done cause she grabs everything in the sling or mei tai and I find putting her on my back in either one extremely uncomfortable. I spend most of the day with her but usually she will play on a blanket next to me for a bit while I fold laundry, cook or clean or something.

Doesn't seem like her teeth are bothering her - i think maybe it's just her feeling insecure cause she's changed soooo much in the last week or so - saying mama, doing baby signs, almost crawling and almost can pull herself up almost on the furniture.

she's 8 and 1/2 months - please tell me this is just a stage? I love AP, but it's amazing how much can get done when she plays for 1/2 hr on a blanket!!!
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yep....she is probably anxious about all her strides. When my dd started to walk she would take a few steps and collapse into my arms sobbing...(drama much??). It was just scary for her and exciting at the same time....the cycle through super clingy and then happy and content to just do their own thing....

it really gets better! Sorry, those clingy days can feel long!
I am running out of patience with her !! She is just soooo whiney today. I'm usually so good with this AP stuff, but she's driving me nuts. Doesn't help that it is so lonely here a gazillion states away from family and with no AP friends (well, one but she works - her kids are all almost grown up - so she's very bz). And my family if I call them won't understand why I don't just put her in a crib and let her CIO. I would just love an hour or two to myself once in a while but haven't been away from her for more than a quick trip to the grocery store 1 mile away since she was born. I don't have anyone other than DH to leave her with....

Originally Posted by Attached Mama

no ideas, but ds is almost 9 1/2 months and doing the same thing.
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All I can say is my DD is also very, very attached, and man, it's hard. Wouldn't do it any other way than AP, but some days you wonder. I can't get anything done! How are your DD's naps? That's the only time I can attempt to get the house in order. Maybe DH can step up and give you some time off this weekend? It's healthy to get time off, so don't feel guilty!!

On the bright side,
that she's learning so much, figuring out how to sign, pull up.... Congratulations on a smart kid! I keep telling myself that when my DD whines, she's trying to tell me something, so I need to be compassionate and patient. Easier said than done, but I also this time is fleeting and I will miss it someday. Good luck, mama!
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Bea hasn't hit clingy yet, she's off and running as soon as her little chub legs hit the ground, which creates a whole new series of problems. If I want to get anything done I have to wear her, so I put her on my back. First in a home-made mei-tai (ouch!), then I figured out a few wrap back carries (much better), and now I've made a serious splurge and bought an ergo (wow! extremely comfy for the back carry!). I know you said you tried her on her back, but don't give up! Bea is 22 lbs and we do an hour at a time usually so I can be my regular domestic-goddess-self...

Seriously, research some back carriers....they will serve you through this clingy time as well as when she's really motoring and no longer stays on the blanket!
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yup! Definitely a stage! It will pass! My dd just got "better" around 11mos. She still has days though....she loves attention and hates when I'm paying attention the computer, dinner, shower, cleaning...she wants me to play play play!
Oh Mama I feel your pain!
My DD is 11 months and is doing the same: I can't even sit her down and she cries right now...It's soo hard not to get frustrated!

But I've learned that when I get upset/frustrated (that she won't let me sit her down so I can pee.).It fuels her..So now I just set her down and I don't freak or worry and distract her from crying...I may look silly jumping around or clapping and singing but it works! It get's her mind off crying 'cause mama set her down for a min!

Have you thought about joining a local mamas group? It's a great way to get you and the babe out and connect w/mamas going through the same

Or if dd is super fussy I take her for a walk outside ( Now, I live in New England so it's been super cold and we were stuck in..finally some sun and were outside) This REALLY HELPS both of us! FRESH AIR AND SUN

I totally know what you mean about having NO TIME ALONE!
THE ONLY time I'm away from DD is to maybe go to the store too!
Can your DH take over for even a half-hour a day? Take a bath have some tea or whatever and RELAX! If you don't make sometime for your self you will go nuts! Trust me!!!!

Remember your not alone!!!
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