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CLO and fish allergy

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I would like to start my ds (17 months) on CLO. However, he has other food allergies (dairy, soy, corn, eggs) and DD2 had a fish allergy when she was younger (now fine with fish). I haven't introduced fish to ds yet so I have no idea how he will react. Should I try CLO? I am scared to try it because he is sooooo reaction free right now. I am afraid he might react. He does not seem to react to fish when I eat it.... I would like him to get the gut healing benefits of CLO. Any other oils that might have the same benefits? He does take flax seed oil but I think the CLO is better right? help me out here ladies, as you can see I am a bit confused


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It really is different for everyone, so you'll never know until you try. DD reacted to a fish oil supplement (mixed fish) as well as me eating a couple types of fish (salmon, cod), but did NOT react to CLO- either through me or taken directly. Just make sure that you find one that doesn't have antioxidants added, because they are usually soy-based.
Flax seed oil is not the same or as beneficial as CLO. FSO doesn't contain vitamins A and D and the fatty acids need to be converted to EPA/DHA in the body in order to be utilized... and many do not make this conversion effectively or not at all.

Since you are in NJ, vitamin D during winter is essential as we do not make it at all from the sun during the colder months in northern latitudes.

Food allergies are not inherited as far as the specific protein you are allergic to. Just because your DD was allergic to fish doesn't mean your DS is more likely to be allergic to fish, just more likely to be atopic in general.
And btw just to add there has been correlation with developing allergies and low vitamin D status.
vitamin d supplementation is the primary reason i want to get him on clo.... your info just reinforces this. i am sure that i need it too. not only do i live in the northern latitudes but my dress out of doors covers almost all of my skin. clo is the best source of vitamin d, right? any brands of clo that you would suggest? we can't do gel caps unless the gelatin were fish gelatin so i guess the liquid form is what we would need most likely. thanks for the help

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