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CLO and mercury/toxins

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We are considering CLO to improve dd's gut (she was just diagnosed with a slew of allergies--not allergic to fish, though). She is 13 months old. I'm concerned about possible mercury contamination and PCBs, though. Are there brands that are safe? What do you think about CLO generally?
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nordic naturals is supposedly safe, though I'm not sure if it's CLO or other fish oils.

Have you tried virgin coconut oil?
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Can you tell me about it? I would much prefer a non-animal source, but I don't know much about coconut oil. Coconut is a tree nut, right? I'm not sure it would safe for her--she is peanut allergic and we haven't gotten the results of the tree nut test back.
it is in the general tree nut family, but most people don't have problems with the oil (since it has no proteins).

Here's info on VCO and gut issues as well as allergy issues. (search for the word allergic)
DS is allergic to many foods and coconut was one of the worst reactions in testing ... I wouldn't do it... we used coconut oil a lot.

You don't want Nordic Naturals, it is low in vitamins... and I think it is one of the ones that has synthetic ones added back after the rest are stripped.

We use high vitamin Quantum from Radiant Life

More on mercury issues here
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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