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Well, my last 2 boys were induced, but my oldest I had naturally, and he was born at 38 weeks and 4 days. That will be tomorrow. This weighed my mind down so heavily last night. After DH and I DTD, I lay there thinking....will my water break tonight? Will it even break on it's own before labor starts this time? Am I going to hold her in here for another week? I will DIE! not from being uncomfortable or stuff like that, but from just dying to hold her syndrome. LOL I have church tomorrow night and would really prefer...first of all, not to hear, "Are you still here?" again...even though I've only heard it twice before, same person, same day, just different church service. Second of all... I don't want to go into labor at church. Jef and I have both thought that it would happen there. He thought during Sunday school and me, I keep thinking it would be hilarious if it were during us singing together up on stage in front of everyone. Wouldn't that just be a hoot? Course, that's not what I WANT to happen. This is my ideal situation....<br><br>
We have the baby sometime AFTER tomorrow's that I can just show up for church on Sunday morning with a new baby. Everyone be like.... why didn't you call me? I didn't even know. Shouldn't you be at home>? yada yada. hahah Now THAT, is what I think would be FUNNY!<br><br>
On the birth prediction thread, I had predicted the 19th and the 21st. Guess I was off, huh? DH says Thursday. That is supposed to be my next appt date too, but being that I am so close to having her I think I will skip it. I haven't missed one yet. I think I can get away with ONE! Don't you?<br><br>
Well... anyway, I made a crib duvet yesterday while I thought I was laboring in the early that done. I might go look through my pitiful stash of fabric and see if there is anything worth trying to make a cover out of for the nursery. Course I doubt I have anything that matches the colors in the nursery.<br><br>
I am just blabbing this morning. Sorry... no one to talk to. Hope everyone has a great day today! I am now 38 weeks and 3 days. Sigh....come OUT baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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