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Closure of midwifery-led units in Clyde area

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Has anyone here heard about it. My friend sent me this, I am trying to find out what people know

To whom it may concern:

My name is Debbie Gilmour and I have just started training to become a doula. As a recent user of maternity services, I have been involved in maternity services liaison committee meetings and the current services
review of the Clyde area of NHS Greater ******* and Clyde.

I am absolutely terrified at the prospect of the three MLUs being closed due to under-use. The reviews are apparently being held to assess consumer views and attitudes with regard to these units. At the last meeting in Inverclyde,
I raised the point that the community units at Vale of Leven, Inverclyde and Paisley (RAH) have only been in operation for under 3 years.

I am writing to ask if you would consider allowing me to post messages across boards and websites, alerting people to the risk of closure of these units. If that is not acceptable, I wonder if it would be possible for editors/chair people to post something along these lines. Most people I have spoken to are not even aware that these review meetings are taking place, despite the fact that they are public meetings.

I am of the opinion that it is absolutely unacceptable to allow these vital units to wither away to nothing. Without these units, huge numbers of people within a very wide demographic will be denied access to local and extremely
necessary community services.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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I'd suggest that you ring your local branch of the NCT, who will have another rep on the MSLC and should be able to tell you what they've heard. The minutes from the last meeting will also be available for public reading. Should it come to "closure", the NCT press and publicity office are a great source of information and moral support- we're currently fighting the closure of two MLU's in our area and the support from head office has been great.
Remember- the girls from Stroud proved conclusively that a MLU saves money for the NHS trust. Less c-sections, less time in hospital. The case could be, quite simply, that women are NOT being given the options of having their babies in these units because the GPs don't know they exist and are still automatically booking people for the local hospital.

Good luck.
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