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Cloth Diaper and Soapmaking Party! Woohoo!

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You are invited to a Cloth Diaper and Soapmaking Party! Woohoo!!

Have ever been curious why people who try cloth always end up turning out to be fanatics and cloth users for the rest of their diapering days?
Simply put, cloth diapers are just a superior product to any disposable on the market. Come learn about how cloth diapering can save you thousands of dollars, and be healthier for your baby and the planet, featuring

Pm me or e-mail me at [email protected] and I will send you an invite.

April 22nd at 11 am in Uptown

Come and learn more about cloth diapering, make some homemade soap, and enjoy a delicious breakfast provided by St. Paul Classic Cookie.
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Crap! I can't go on the 22nd.
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Let me know if you have another party like that again. Thanks!
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