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I am in the planning stages of working on a fitted dipes review that will take a special focus on cloth diapering the active toddler. My previous reviews have been based on my personal experience (of a limited number of items) combined with my analysis of the public reviews of products, and were general in nature. With the assistance of some local CDing acquaintances, I want this next review to be helpful to parents who are diapering toddlers, with particular
attention to what works and/or seems to fit best for particular body types and patterns of wetting. I have several cloth diapering acquaintances with different body types than my son who are willing to assist me with a systematic test of fitted diapers. I am also going to test of how much different diapers can absorb,
with probably a couple of different methods suggested by some of the mamas here.

Anyways, this kind of review means that I need to get my hands on the actual diapers, and through my own stash and the generosity of the amazing WAHM's, I think that these are the fitted dipes that I'll be able to review:

1. Benjamuffins
2. BizzyB
3. Bottoms Up
4. Cloud 9
5. Cinniminis
6. Coodles Baby
7. Darling Diapers
8. Elbee Baby
9. Firefly Diapers
10. First Class Baby
11. Freshies
12. Full Moon Baby Gear
13. Fuzbaby
14. Lilybottoms
15. Little Lambs
16. Lucy's Hope Chest
17. Patchwork Pixie
18. RighteousBaby
19. Strawberries N Sunshine
20. Toot Sweet Baby

So my question to all of you: who else makes a great fitted diaper for toddlers (of all sizes) that you would like to see be part of this kind of review?


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I love snuggleups. Great fitted dipe for my chunky baby. She's been wearing the same size (the orange serging) since she was 4 months and is now 18 months. That's either a large or x-large depending on who you talk to. She's grown into her rolls now.
I like the absorbancy and they are the cheapest fitteds I could find.
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