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Cloth diaper question

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Ok, this should be my last question for a little while!

I use fuzzi bunz for my 1yoDD and LOVE them. I am wondering what suggestions you have for newborn cloth diapers. I started with DD when she was 3 mos old with size medium (and she is STILL in them). So you buy small ones for 3 months? Might smalls fit twins a little longer if they are born a bit smaller? They are pretty expensive for such a short amount of time but I want to be sure I use good ones so I am not dealing with leaks and such. Also, what do you do for the first few days for the meuconium? I used disposables for DS so this will be my first CD experience from day one.

Thanks for the advice, I am just trying to plan!
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I bought my preemie/nb dipes (most at least) used and plan on reselling them after we are out of them. That helps with the cost. Most threads I've seen say that the mec washes out just fine so I plan to cd as soon as we get back fromt he hospital.
I love Fuzzi Bunz, too! They are expensive but I know we want more kids plus we can re-sell them, so I know we will get our money's worth. I got 20 preemie FB, about 50 small FB and so far about 36 Medium. We used the preemie size about 3-4 weeks and they are still in small at 3 months. I did use disposables the first few days because I did not want to deal with meconium. My friend let me borrow a ton of her newborn Kissaluvs but I loved my FB so much I never even used them. When people asked what we wanted we told them cloth dipes so we got a lot of money to put towards them, which was nice.
I use FB exclusively for my 2yo and have done so since he was mobile, about 8mo. Before that I used PF and fitteds. With the twins, I have been using DS1's Kiss 0s and infant PFs. I bought an extra dozen Kiss and dozen PF. I have about 10 covers(NB/SM). So that makes about 5doz diapers and I do laundry every day or I would run out.

I have about 10 or so FB smalls that I use when out, but I think that FB are too expensive to use when they are so little while they are pooping and peeing every five minutes.

DS1 has been in the same large FBs since he was 9-10mo and he is 27mo. I have all seconds BTW; my Kiss 0s and proraps covers are seconds too.
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check out

you can get so much cool stuff there cheap!

I started out with 15 preemie size fuzzibunz and ds used them for 6weeks, then 15sz small for 6mn and med for 8 months. when buying the med we bought 1 doz. fuzzibunz, a doz. of chinese prefolds and 2 bumkins. And I would have to say that I have FAR FEWER Leaks with the bumkins. They are about 12 dollars each at Kellys Closet and are the best diapers I have owned. DS is a Very heavy wetter!

Here is what I own now that he out grew his med fuzzibunz

24 unbleached chinese prefolds
We were boring old UB prefolds (about 36) & fleece covers (17) when they were tiny tiny. No leaks and caught BF blowouts.
luckily we had doulas helping with wash, and then the gift of dipe service.
The FB's didn't fit right for our twins at that stage.
My twins are just a week old and the diaper we're loving the most (by far) are the Kissaluvs size 0. They've been plenty absorbant for newborn pee so far, they snap down in the front so they won't rub the cord, and they're super soft. Just have to pair them with a cover. They're also really stretchy so I think they'll work for a few months.
With the Kissaluvs, what are your experiences with the contour fit vs the fitted?


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I've only tried the fitteds so I can't compare the two!
Thanks a lot for the input! Have you had any issues with the diapers not coming out of the wash clean because of the inside liner folding over and staying there?

Which dipes are you talking about?
At the moment, I was asking about the kissaluvs. I read on a different board that sometimes the liner folds over in the wash and does not clean all of the way. I was wondering if anyone else had that experience. I was also wondering about people's prefrences for the contoured over the fitted kissaluvs for newborns.

However, I would value any other advice as well....I have only ever used disposables before with a newborn....DD was 3 mos old when we started so I am a novice.....

thanks a lot

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Hmm, I used Kissaluvs fitted with my first ds but I don't know what you mean by the liner. I did try the Kissaluvs (both fitted and contoured on the babies) but they only wore them for a few minutes. The fitted were much easier to use (no snappie to work with) but the contours seemed to fit better on the tiny babies. If I chose to use Kissaluvs I would go with the fitted even though they are more expensive than the countours, since they are so easy and have the snap-down for the cord. I loved my FB preemies because they are so easy to use, soft and not as bulky imo as the Kissaluvs. But the FB does rub on the cord.
I don't have a liner w/my Kissaluvs either. They do sell a doubler - maybe that's what you're thinking of - but I haven't used that.
I just had to chime in and say that even though I LOVED FB's on my oldest DD, I HATED stuffing pockets once the twins came; there were just too many to do! I tried stuffing all and having them ready, and it would take me at least an hour to stuff 22 pockets; I tried stuffing as I went, and that was a pain, too. Just thought I'd offer that perspective since diapering my twins definitely has presented different challenges than diapering a singleton.

Don't be afraid of prefolds with wraps; I was not interested in them with my first, but they are a lifesaver now: cheap, fast, and easy to care for. Also, I think moms of multiples deserve some AIO's for convenience! HTH!
Because of the cost, we decided to go with prefolds with covers (PUL and wool). A friend made me a couple of fleece wraps as well. When they get larger and will be in a specific size for a time, I will probably switch to fitteds with wool and/or fleece.
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