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cloth diaper service in southern Maine? and seeking pediatrician

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I'm on the Kport/Biddeford line and am expecting our first child in September...thinking of using cloth diapers but don't know where to begin i.e. where to buy them? And is there a diaper service in the area? Also, any pediatrician recommendations in the Kennebunk/Biddeford/Saco area would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Try Field of Flowers 799-8781, I believe they come as far as Biddeford. I'm in Saco but haven't used them. I can't help as far as a doc since I use Balzer in New Gloucester, its a hike but I like him a lot.

Yup, we use Field of Flowers. They are the only diaper service in southern Maine. We've found them to be very reliable with pick-ups and deliveries, but don't expect to get them on the phone. Leave them a message and someone might call you back. Website is
in terms of buying diapers, check out she is a maine, mom owned company that we have gotten all our goods from, and we LOVE! we wash our own diapers though so can't speak to field of flowers...


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Thanks for the suggestions - much appreciated! And since I'm on here...anyone have any daycare thoughts and recommendations? We're exploring all options (nanny, daycare, private provider)...thanks in advance.
There's a pedi in York, ME, who is also a DO. His name is Stephen Brennan -- I haven't been to him personally, but I wish that I lived closer so that I could bring DS to see him!! Finding a good pedi is one of the toughest things I've had to do since DS was born (he's almost a year old and I still haven't found one). Good luck to you!
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