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Cloth diaper sewing kits?

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I'm finally going to do it

I'm going to dust off my machine and attempt to make a diaper...

I had bookmarked a few sites ages ago that sold "kits" (as in everything you need to make a dipe from the HoneyBoy home pattern), but I noticed that several of them are now defunct.

Can anyone recommend a good place to order an "everything you need to make a dipe" kit.

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Moving this to Sewing and Crafts. There are lots of diaper sewers over there. was where I bought my patterns and supplies.
Be careful if you have a Singer machine, the Schmetz needles that they recommend for Cuddlebuns and HoneyBoy diapers are too short and will skip stitches. I just need to find them a good home when I get the chance.
Who also needs to dust off her machine and make some newborn size for little one due in April
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Nancy, those needles should be OK in almost every Singer. There are only a few old ones that do not use standard needles. You might double check and see if maybe something else is causing the skipping.

Jenb, I love Jessica at the OneStopDiaperShop and I think she still carries the kits, but she doesn't carry the HB Home pattern anymore so the kits are listed as being for an AIO fleece dipe. HTHs!!
Thanks guys!

I placed my order with Jessica, she was wonderfully patient and kind!
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