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cloth diapering and poop

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I do a mix of cloth and disposables, mainly the disposables because we travel extensively. I have a 10 month old and I still haven't quite gotten the hang of the poopy cloth diapers... I change the baby in her room on the changing table. I set the dirty diaper away from the baby and finish changing and then bring the baby and the diaper into the bathroom and "flick" the poop into the toilet. This is not very convenient to have to carry a dirty diaper into the next room. Any suggestions? It was so easy when baby was exclus bf.

Sorry, I feel dumb. Can you guys tell me how it's done in your house?

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I change my dd in our room on our bed. I take the poopy diaper into the bathroom after I am finished changing. It hasn't really been a problem for us. We use the disposable liners too.
omigod, i didnt know there was such a thing as disposable liners. my heart sorta just skipped a beat! where to buy?
We tried the flushable liners and they gave my sweet boy a heat rash or something like it. We stopped using them and the rash disappeared. My little guy is really hot natured. The liners are awesome my husband really wishes we could use them.
here is one site that sells them...

A bunch of other cloth diaper sites sell them too or you could search ebay or amazon for them.

We use fleece diaper liners to help with poo/diaper cream & to keep the moisture away from her bum.
I change poopy diapers on the floor in the bathroom. I keep some wipes and my diaper rash spray / cream in the bathroom drawer, and I grab a diaper as we walk back there. DD plays with a toy while I spray off the poop and wash my hands.
I have a diaper sprayer attached to the toilet.

I also have a small trash can turned upside down next to the changing table so I can set the dirty diaper on while I'm cleaning her up.

I get her all cleaned up and dressed, then I put her down to play with some toys. (When she was younger, I would put her in the crib or pack in play for a short time while i clean the diaper).

I then bring the dirty diaper and the cloth diaper pail (dry pail) into the bathroom with me. Then I shake the solid poo poo into the toilet and use the diaper sprayer to remove the rest of the poo poo that won't shake off. Then I put the diaper into the pail and put the pail back into her room.
Then I wash my hands.
I have a separate pail for any liners or cloth wipes that get diaper cream on them (for when I need to use diaper cream) because if you wash cloth that has diaper cream residue on it with the cloth diapers, they can cause your diapers to not absorb well (due to residue) on them.

It's kinda a procedure, but it works fine once you get used to it.

If I'm out, I put the dirty diaper in a wetbag that I carry in the diaper bag. If I'm out at a friends house or something, I set the wetbag outside till I'm ready to leave so it doesn't stink up the house.
Then I go get my baby! DONE
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Two popular flushable liners are Imse Vimse flusable liners and Bummis Bio-soft liners. My cousin uses the liners for each diaper change. All you have to do is flush away the soiled liner in the toiler.

Imse Vimse liners will stay where it should, but less softer.

Bummis liners are so soft... because of that, they tend to move around a bit.

It depends on what you prefer. Some people love Imse Vimse and other love Bummis.
I only CD part time, because I wait for my DS to poo poo in a disposable first, and then CD for the rest of the day, just so I don't have to deal with poo poo clean up.

I am excited to learn about the liners too!
We tend to use either fleece or flushable liners. The flushables are very easy, obviously - you just flush them!

The fleece liners are helpful as well because the poop comes off them much easier than with all natural fibers. ie - I really hate trying to get poop off a prefold, especially with my ds's allergies because his poo is not always solid. Anyhow, I take the poopy fleece liner and swish it in the toilet, but the poop flakes off easily and doesn't usually require much effort. The rest of the diaper gets thrown in the pail and washed as is, even if there's a little poop on it.
We basically do the Walk From Bedroom To Bathroom routine, too. We don't use liners, but my daughter wears fuzzi bunz and the poop just rolls off-- basically like a fleece liner. It's one of my favorite things about fuzzi bunz.
Liners are an option, but yes, I just carry the diaper from room to room. I don't see the problem?
I do/did the walk to the bathroom routine, and didn't find it a problem. I didn't like the dirties in my son's room, so it was a compromise for me. Try the liners and see what you think?

Even with disposables you should empty the poop into the toilet.
I don't use a changing table, but otherwise I do exactly what you do. I change them wherever they happen to be, then carry the diaper to the bathroom. I keep my upstairs pail in the bathroom, and my downstairs pail in the utility closet right by my kitchen bathroom, so they're convenient. I guess I'm so used to dumping poopy diapers that I don't see the problem...

I think flushable liners are wasteful if your baby has poo that will roll off easily. Besides, in our experience they slip around a lot and don't really do the job all that well.
thanks for the comments and suggestions. I know in the scheme of things the walk from the changing table to bathroom isn't a big deal - I was just wondering how others did it. She had the shake-off poops for a while but lately they've been very messy big poops and not just once a day (I don't know, teething? The crazy foods she's eating - no more baby food, way prefers more texture) and it is a job just to make sure she doesn't get all over in the diaper while I'm wiping her, so tranporting this huge messy diaper to the bathroom made me think that perhaps my mommy brain isnt thinking about an easier way. Should I be worried if she doesn't get more solid poops, once a day?

I don't think you should worry about her poop. As long as it's not diarhhia all babies poop is different and different frequency.
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