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Cloth Diapering Party this Thursday @ 6:30 in Huber Heights

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Cloth diapering isn't just pins and prefolds these days... I'm having a party to show you! This party is not selling anything (no selling consultants)... just for moms to get together and gab and see different kinds of cloth diapers, slings, and more!

Will be at my house... kids are of course welcome! Lots of room for them to play here and tons of toys. I will have some snacks available. Bring any diapers you currently have to show off, or just come with questions and an inquisitive mind if you don't cloth diaper already. Also, if you have any cool slings or baby carriers, bring those as well! PM me for my address. My phone number is 937-235-0096. Feel free to pass along the invitation to anyone you think may be interested!
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Rats! I'm going out of town tomorrow! I would have loved to be there. Hope it goes *great*!!
Wish you could have come!
) All are welcome this evening!
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Darn it! I just saw this thread, but would have loved a cd party! Hope it was lots of fun!!
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I may go ahead and host another one maybe in May or June because there were a few people who wanted to come who couldn't make it.
) I'll be sure to post here if I or anyone else I know has one!
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Another party would be great! I'll definitely keep watching.

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