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Cloth diapers in Baby Talk magazine!

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I hope this hasn't already been posted about, if so please forgive my repetition.

I was given a subscription to Parenting magazine, so I also get Baby Talk every so often which is like a supplement they also publish (for those of you who don't know.) In their Editor's Picks section, amid all the Pampers Cruisers and Huggies Convertibles, was a little paragraph recommending Kushies AIOs!
I couldn't believe it!
Too bad they didn't get a little more creative than Kushies, though...
: But I mustn't complain - it's much better than nothing.
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Yeah, I just checked that out. At least there's a mention. Too bad it wasn't for some WAHM dipes or even Bumkins AIO. One thing I did's not very clear...

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