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Cloth Diapers N More

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I can't believe I hadn't posted a review of this WAHM eshop!

Amanda is wonderful! Starting with my first CD order through now. I had a TON of questions--super quick email response and always willing to help (even general CD questions). She's helped me sort through it all.

This is the first place I go to purchase my cloth diaper needs (wish there were lots of WAHM diapers on the site--I would never have to go elsewhere!) Her site looks great and super easy to use, packages always arrive promptly, unbeatable prices (she will price match if you find a better price), lots of specials (special mommas club with coupons and deals) cheap/free shipping and great communiation. Top notch!
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HUGE RAVE for Amanda White of ClothDiapersNMore! It had been a while since I had bought CDs and I needed some items to round out my stash for a newborn.

Her response to my emails was quick and courteous. She had everything instock. But I most impressed by her "Credit For Cloth" Program. I do not know if it is unique to only her business - but it is brilliant! What a way to help defray the costs of CDing!

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Another great review for Cloth Diapers n More. Amanda is AWESOME at letting you know the status of your order. Even during a family emergency, she expressed care for her customers and kept them updated on the delay. She has a great selection as well. In addition, her Cloth Mama and Baby club is a great program, with information on special sales, free/discounted shipping, and you can earn coupons for future purchases! The customer service is great and I always receive orders so quickly!!
I LOVE Cloth Diapers 'N More! I seriously doubt I'd ever have started cloth diapering without Amanda there to patiently answer all of my questions three or four times, and to help me figure out what sort of diapers to get. I can't believe how fast she ships, and how good she is at keeping customers up to date on the status of their orders! I'm definitely a member of the Cloth Babies 'N Mamas club, and love that I get updates on sales and information on changes to store policy.

The website is SUPER easy to navigate, and I can always, always, always find what I'm looking for. If it's out of stock, it never takes more than a quick e-mail to Amanda to find out when she's going to have more in stock. I know that I'll be shopping with Amanda for all my cloth diapering needs from now until I'm done diapering!
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I also have Amanda to thank for helping get me hooked on cloth diapers! I received her catalog (I believe due to a request through Kissaluvs) and couldn't put it down. (I literally took it out to dinner with us so I could show it to my DH!) Both her website and print catalog are well laid-out with information that's easy to find and easy to read. She carries a great selection of the "stock" CDing items and her selection is always growing.

Amanda's package deals are excellent. I ordered a "Cloth Sampler" (which qualified me for free shipping at $50 even), and was quickly contacted to specify my preferences for colors and styles on the different items. I figured I'd get whatever was cheapest or she had the most of - but I actually got to choose! She also helped with all of the questions I had very quickly and courteously until I was satisfied with my choices.

The Cloth Babies 'n Mamas club is an excellent perk to using Amanda's store. You can very quickly earn coupons to use on purchases, and you receive regular notice of sales and new products. Not to mention you get free shipping! And the whole thing is free! Can't beat it.

for Amanda's great products and service!
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I ordered 5 funorganics diapers and 20 wipes from this WAHM. they shipped very quickly. When I recieved the diapers, the serging was loose on all of them, and mangled on two.

I emailed the WAHM that very day and she wrote back that she would call funorganics and let me know how to proceed. After 3 days I wrote her and asked if I could just send them back for a refund. She indicated she would have to wait to hear from funorganics.

I called funorganics and they said it was only between the WAHM and I, and that the WAHM had just now emailed them.

So I wrote the WAHM back, told her this, and she said I could send them back less a 15% restocking fee. Now I am out shipping and the restocking fee and I still need diapers.

I have never felt the need to post a negative review here and this really upsets me!
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