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1st of all--Take me with you! We were in Hawaii for just over 2 wks in April and I wish I was still there!

Anyways, about using cloth. We used cloth 100% (on the plane as well), but was lucky enough to have access to washer and dryer when I was there. I did keep my dirty dipes in a plastic bag until I was ready to wash them (every 2 or 3 days, compared to my 5 or so days here at home) and they didn't smell that bad. I used fleece liners (they don't stain and poo comes off quite readily off them) so I didn't have to have dunk in any unknown toilet. I think if you are ok with using fleece and have access to a washer occasionally, you might be able to do cloth like we did!

Good luck and whatever you do, have a great time in Hawaii!
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