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If you don't have a bummis tote or another wet bag that zips or closes with a drawstring, you should definately get one before you go if you want to bring cloth. That will take care of any stinking issues at your IL's house, if that is your only concern.

If your daughter is sensitive to sposies (though you might get 7th generation sposies if you decide to go that route, those aren't chemical ridden like pampers), then I'd be more inclined to use cloth and just make the trek to the laudromat to wash (which you'd probably due anyway, right, because it's such a long trip.

I have used both cloth and sposies on vacation-- sposies for short trips where we've been without access to washer & dryer, and cloth for longer trips where we have had access or for really short trips (2-3 days) where it's not needed and I'm confident I'll have plenty of dipes.

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