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cloth menstral products

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no af here right now thanks to breastfeeding, but I'm considering switching to cloth when it returns. I've read that disposable products are bad then I read this and wonder what to believe.
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FDA has no evidence of asbestos in tampons or any reports regarding increased menstrual bleeding following tampon use.
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

State-of-the art testing of tampons and tampon materials that can detect even trace amounts of dioxin has shown that dioxin levels are at or below the detectable limit.
At or below detectable amounts. Sounds like the remaining mercury in vaccines.

In a few years they'll tell us: sorry...we didn't know....

No risk to health would be expected from these trace amounts.
Of course not!

I'll take my chances and NOT use those products since all cotton pads are available. Thank you!
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pwit, I just had to send you this link in case you are thinking of taking the FDA's word for ANYTHING!

Please know that these folks are not looking out for your best interest. Also, there are several companies that make tampons and pads out of organic cotton that is NOT chlorine bleached. Seventh Generation makes pads and Natracare makes tampons. They are usually sold at health food stores.

Personally, I use cloth pads when I'm flowing heavily and when it starts to taper off, I switch to natural sea sponges. This system has been working for mew for several years now and I highly recommend it.
Good luck in your search for what works for you!

Here are some links to the products:

Chlorine free pads---

Chlorine free tampons---

Natural sea sponges---
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I use cloth pads for myself for the same reason I use cloth diapers for my daughter- they're more environmentally responsible. I use Mother of Eden pads and highly recommend them.
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