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cloth pantiliners

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I would like to know more about cloth pantiliners. I already use cloth pads and love them but am still using disposable liners because I hate feeling slimy down there when i'm not on my period. I also dont want to feel like I'm wearing a pad the entire month. Are cloth liners as thin as disposables? Do they keep you dry? I can sew my own and have some patterns I printed off the net but any suggestions on fabrics that would help me feel "not slimy" would be good. thanks!
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Why not just wear all-cotton panties and change them a few times a day if you need to?
LOL. duh!

but seriously, i dont have many cotton undies and i'm kinda tight budgeted right now and since many are new, i really can't go buy more. i have lots of cloth though that i could sew somel iners from.
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I wore a cloth liner the other day (thought I would start, but haven't yet!) and I couldn't even tell I had one on. Felt just like my cotton undies to me.
well the ones I have are cotton flannel and the Mother of Eden fleecy ones. The cotton flannel ones feel just like undies to me. The MOE ones are super absorbent and comfy, too. Of course, there's a bit more fabric there, but I think it's much more comfy than the disposable kind because it's just more breathable. Plus, I can NOT stand when the sticky stuff sticks to my butt. LOL! That drives me crazy about disposables.... I've really grown to love my cloth pantyliners. Wish I could sew!

Just a thought, maybe you are feeling uncomfortable bc you are wearing a non-breathable panty? I know you said you do not want to buy more underpants right now, but for your overall health "down there" 100% cotton is so much better for you. If you do make liners, I'd say a really soft flannel would be nice, or that french terry cloth (? is that the name? - the really soft terry cloth that a lot of pads are made of). I envy people who can sew. I am clueless.
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yeah the slimyness is probably becuase most of my undies are not cotton. i dont feel so weird with cotton ones. definitely will go buy some with my next paycheck.... but i do have some really soft flannel that I used to make baby wipes for my dd so i will make a few liners tonight and try one out tomorrow. thanks!
If you are using them just to not feel your panties against you then all you'd need is 1 or 2 layers of flannel. I have 2 layered flannel liners that I use at the end of AF, I don't feel them.
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