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DS was 9#4 and gained a pound a week for the first 8 weeks, so we only spent a heartbeat and a half in newborn/small sizes. Your stash sounds about like what I have for that size range. Haven't gotten it back from my sister yet so I can't say for sure

I don't think you'll need much more than that, unless of course this baby is smaller or grows more slowly. If you were to add anything I'd say get another half dozen prefolds - cheap and easy to use as stuffers or extra bulk in the larger sizes so they won't go to waste.

as for covers, maybe you could buy some gerber plastic pants in newborn size (I know I dislike them too, but they're cheap...) and invest in a nicer collection of small covers? Then if baby is smaller, you could backtrack and get a few nicer NB size ones..
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