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DD was 9.7, and I made the mistake with her of getting 99% newborn size
which totally left me scrambling to come home, resell the newborn, buy small etc...

This time around I"ve got it all figured out
The only newborn size dipe DD fit in at all (and only for like...2 weeks LOL) was a prorap AIO. *we only use aios/pockets, i'm too lazy to mess with fitteds.covers.etc*

so this time, i have lots of newborn size aio-figuring if i happen to somehow have a tiny baby, they will fit in the newborn prorap aios til i can buy more newborn size, or just wear those til they get to smalls-and if i have a big babe again, they too can get some use out of the newborn size aio...also have lots of small prorap aios, xs and small vb aios/pockets, small hb aios...and random wahm dipes too!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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