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My daughter weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces when she was born, and we diapered her in 24 infant prefolds. We had 6 newborn covers, which she used for 6 weeks until she weighed about 11 pounds, at which point we switched to small covers. We also had 3 small Fuzzi Bunz, which we used primarily for outings.

I think the small covers would have worked from the beginning, but I'm glad we had the newborn covers -- she seemed overwhelmed enough in those as it was, despite being a fairly large newborn.

This time I'll have 18 preemie prefolds, 36 infant prefolds, 6 newborn covers, 6 small covers, 3 small Fuzzi Bunz, and one small AIO.
I got the preemie prefolds used sort of on a whim -- I thought they might be nice during the first couple of weeks.

One of the things I've been enjoying about doing this for the second time is that I've already got so much diapering stuff, I can focus on filling in the gaps and getting a couple of "extras" without feeling like I'm breaking the bank.
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