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I've been going over (more like obsessing
) my newborn/small stash these last few days trying to figure out what else I'll need. DS was 8lbs, 1 oz. so he wasn't a terribly big baby. We didn't CD him until 4 months though, so this diapering a newborn thing is new to me.

Right now I have:

24 infant CPF's
7 newborn fitteds (misc. WAHM types)
1 small fitted
1 small bG! AIO
17 small Fuzzi Bunz w/ equal amount of inserts
2 newborn BSWW
2 small BSWW
2 small fleece covers

I'm thinking I'll get 5 more newborn fitteds, 2 more newborn covers, and maybe a few more small fitteds and a couple more small covers.
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