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Cloth wipe solution?

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So what do you guys do? For awhile I was using the kissaluvs potion concentrate, then I mixed it in a spray bottle and used dry washcloths. This worked ok, but not great. There were times when I wished I had something a little moister. But is it really ok to let them soak in solution? For how long? How much would you put in a wipes box? I think I have an old Pampers case.

And, I just bought that California Baby diaper wash spray. The instructions for how to use it as wipes solution made my head spin a little. So if you have that, what do you do?

OH, and what do you do for using cloth wipes in public in the diaper bag? I've been CD'ing for about a year but kind of half-assedly (No pun intended!) and usually just took disposables, and I really want to go whole hog now that we're going to have 2 in CD's.
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I use a small zipper wet bag for the diaper bag, and I"ll just run water over a handful of wipes before we leave, and they're nice and moist while we're out.

For at home changes, I usually just wet a wipe or two at the tap before the diaper change. The dry wipes are in a basket beside the diapers.
I don't let the wipes sit wet because I'm afraid they'll mildew, but maybe that is just me!
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I used to use the Kissaluvs potion, but now I make my own. What I do is take a glass loaf pan (you could use whatever, I just find it to be a good size for my wipes), put a squirt of Dr. Bronner's and a few drops of tea tree oil in it (and maybe a drop or two of lavander), fill with hot water, soak my wipes in that, wring them out and put them in a wipes warmer next to the changing table (usually enough for a day, day and half). I want my wipes right there when I need them, ready to go. We haven't had any problems with mildew (I think the TTO takes care of that).

I still use the kissaluv's spray in the dipe bag with dry wipes.
I keep some solution that I make in an old wipes container, and keep dry wipes next to it in a basket. I put in Dr. Bronners, lavender eo, grapefruit seed extract, and castor oil. When out and about, I just wet some and put it in a baggie.
I mix mine up every couple days and leave it in a wipes container. I layer the solution and the wipes sort of like lasagna. With 3 in diapers we go through a lot of wipes, so I don't worry about mildew.

I use water, a couple TBS of olive oil and a few drops of tea tree oil.
mine is water, a bit of lavender baby wash, a few drops of lavender oil, and a few drops of tea tree oil. I keep it in the wipe warmer and dip the wipes as I use them
Water, just water. Plain old from the tap, water.
Once upon a time I used to add tea tree oil and baby wash in a spray bottle but now its a wipe straight to the sink. Its easy, fast and free (well, somewhat).
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I used to make my own with a (very scientifically measured) splash of Dr Bonners Castille soap, a few tsp of Apricot Baby Oil (Burt's Bees) and a couple drops each of tea tree oil and lavender oil. If I were to start doing that again I'd omit the tea tree oil.

Now I just wet wipes in the sink as needed. When we're on the go I do the same, and sometimes I just use disposable wipes. If its going to be a short trip sometimes I wet a few wipes and toss them in a plastic baggy
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I use water. i want to get a wipes warmer though because the water gets REALLY cold.
I keep warm filtered water with a squirt of Earthy Babes wipe solution in a wipes warmer on the changing table. I keep dry cloth wipes stacked on the changing table next to the wipes warmer and dip them as needed.

In my diaper bag I keep dry cloth wipes and a thermos filled with warm filtered water with a squirt of Earthy Babes wipe solution.
I have an old huggies wipes container from ages ago before we started cd'ing DD. I put water in there and then use that to get my wipes wet. For a long time I just used plain water. But DD was getting really red and I was looking for some cause for that. So, I decided to use a wipes solution thinking maybe she wasnt' getting clean enough with plain water. So I have used baby bits or booty bath ... I liked them both equally. We continue to use that in our water and her red butt seems to have gotten better. For some reason, plain water didn't work for her.
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We wet the wipes with water when we use them. Sometimes we use a fgew drops of olive oil too. We don`t use soap. When we`re not at home we put the used wipe in a plasticbag along with the diaper.
we also wet at the tap before the diaper change....sometimes adding a drop of baby soap
I have a little spray bottle full of plain water. I spray the wipe a few times, and there you go. The bottle is very portable, too.
Another vote for a wipes warmer full of water and a pile of dry wipes to dunk in it. Sometimes I put Baby Bits in or a squirt of baby soap, but often it's just water.
I'm another who just runs a wipe under the faucet for changes. I'm not nearly organized enough to do a solution.
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I also just run my wipes under the tap and when we go out I just have a water bottle that I wet the wipes with as needed.
Okay, I seem to do it slightly different. I have one of those pampered chef foam bottles. I fill it half way to the soap line with baby wash, then fill just over the max line with water, then drop 2 drops of TTO and 2 drops lavender oil. It is slightly foamy but still nice and wet to put on a dry wipe. I love doing it this way. In the diaper bag, I bought one of those foam bottles that are used for kids to wash themselves and put my mix in there. It is the same type of bottle as the pampered chef, just smaller.
I use Baby Bits solution in a spray bottle. Works fine for us.
Just plain water here too, and I wet it at the sink before each change.
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