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Cloth Wipes???

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I'm going to make some cloth wipes (just doesn't make sense to use disposable wipes and cloth diapers
) but I have a couple questions first.

1) I don't have a serger and am going to turn. Should I zig zag once they are turned to the outside or should I just straight topstitch. Does it matter?

2) I'm thinking of putting terry on one side and flannel on the other, does this change anything about the above question?

3) What do I put them in once they are finished? I have a bunch of empty disposable wipes containers and I was planning on putting them in that. But, I need them to be wet when I open the box (dh is not a mutiple step kind of guy), should I just use water or is there a solution I can make?

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I turned and topstitched my first batch of wipes. They work great! I used 2 layers of flannel but you can use whatever. I just used a straight stitch to topstitch and have had no problems. It uses less fabric that way.

I use a disposable wipes box for mine. I keep them dry and add solution to them when I go to wipe. That way the wipes stay cleaner. They can get mildew if you're not careful about how long you leave the wipes wet.

I make a solution by putting equal parts oil and glycerin soap together with a few drops of either lavendar essential oil or tea tree oil. I use burts bees calendula oil because I have it from a baby shower but olive oil will work fine. I mix up a small squirt bottle of that. It'll turn into a semi solid concentrate. I then squeeze a bit of the concentrate into a thermos of warm water, give it a good shake and voila, wipes solution! You could easily do the same and pour that over wipes kept in a disposable wipes box or you could just use plain water to get them wet. Regardless, at the end of every day if you are going to keep the wipes wet, dump any you haven't used into your diaper pail and start again the next day to keep everything nice and clean!
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