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i am seriously purging EVERYTHING we own. my clothes are the hardest so far. i have a lot. like, a lot-a lot. more than any human being should ever have. i feel so yucky thinking about all the time and money i've wasted on clothes....

anyway, i've already paired down a lot. but i'm having trouble deciding on an amount of things to keep. how many t-shirts, how many tanks, long sleeved, jeans, capris, skirts, dresses...

what does your wardrobe consist of?

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as a former clothes junkie momma who donated *almost* ALL of her clothes...

this was the hardest thing i have ever done b/c all of the clothes were new or near new! but i decided to keep it simple....

i allowed myself half of me and dh's closet (super tiny) and one underbed storage container for my clothes....

i hung all my shirts up that were dressy (20 at most) and a dress or two and two nice pairs of pants and ONE skirt...and two jackets (one dressy one hoodie) this fit very well w/out being *just jammed in there*

under the bed i fit just-
4 pairs of blue jeans
1 pair khaki pants
1 pair blue jean shorts
1 pair white shorts
1 pairs khaki shorts
5 or so t-shirts
5 or so pairs of boxers
one dress i could not throw away

i donated the rest to GW and i do mean *bags of stuff* i cut how many clothes i had by 90% 4 months ago and i have missed nothing... i just enjoy being able to SEE EVERYTHING and find it super fast! hope that helps momma!

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It's hard to do but once you get motivated it gets easier!

They say get rid of anything you haven't worn in more than a year.

In the last month I found myself going through my clothes and organizing my closet again. That was when I knew I feeling stronger!

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I will be decluttering all the clothes in the house this weekend (again). What I have at the moment:

*1 pair of cords pants
*3 pairs of jeans
*3 pairs air of jean capris
*1 pair of dressy black pants
*2 cardigans
*1 nightgown
*1 pants pj's set
*2 tshirts
*2 pj's pants
*2 tank tops
*4 short sleeved shirts
*1 long sleeve shirt
*2 sweaters
*4 skirts
*3 dresses
*7 sets of socks
*7 undies
*2 bras

All of it hangs in the closet. I think it is way too much. I know I have clothes in there that I never wear and clothes that I wear all the time.

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i keep it simple and dress uber casual even for work...lucky me

3 pairs of jeans
3 pairs of capris
1 pair of shorts
probably about 12 short sleeve and 12 long sleeve tops
a couple sweatshirts
one drawer for sox and undies and bras
pjs...i just wear tshirts and dorm pants to bed

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You could do it in stages.

Do one round, get rid of the stuff you KNOW you don't want anymore.

Then after that do another round and pare it down some more.

How much is enough will vary from person to person depending on their lifestyle, access to laundry facilities, etc.

I am guessing that once you get rid of the bulk of the extra clothing it will feel so good you will want to get rid of more.

A simple, functional wardrobe is a nice thing to have.

Good luck!

P.S. I am not there yet! But I am working on it. I have MCS ( multiple chemical sensitivities) so keep too much extra clothing in case something picks up odors when I am out or from other clothing in our washer and dryer and then I can't ever wear it again. I can't just go out and buy something and know it will be safe to wear. I had to get rid of a ton of new t-shirts last year, possilby because they were made with GMO cotten. Don't really know. They smelled and the the smell wouldn't come out. I even had issues with organic cotten clothing.

I HAVE managed to find a simple style that works for me, so that elimates a lot of clothing excess in some ways.

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I have enough clothes so I can go for the week without doing a load of laundry - about 7 each of pants, long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, camisoles (instead of bras), underwear, socks, tights. I have two drawers for these items. Then in my closet I have a basket for sweaters and about a dozen hangers - a few "fancy" dresses and nicer, blouse like tops, and I think again maybe 7 skirts. I don't have seasonal clothes - the short sleeve and lighter weight stuff gets worn in the cold weather too, just layered with longsleeves, sweaters, and tights.

I pretty much only buy used clothes, so my turnover rate is a bit high. My rule for myself is if I buy something new everything still has to fit in the spaces I have, so that means something old ends up in the donation box. This makes a big organization unneccessary. At this point too I am starting to know myself well enough that even if something catches my eye I can tell if it is actually something I will wear. I know I won't wear certain styles and fabrics, nor will I wear things that need more upkeep than throwing in the washer and hanging on the line. So I basically have very similarly cut khakis and corduroys, cotton skirts, similarly cuts jersey tops in various colors, and wool cardigans - practically a uniform. This isn't terribly stylish, but it is practical.

When I do a big purge, bi annually usually - I make three piles - clothes I definitely wanted to keep, clothes I wasn't sure about, and clothes I definitely did not want. The keep pile got divided into seasons, while the maybe pil went into a box in the closet. If after a month or two I could remember what was in it I kept it; if I couldn't it all got donated. Generally I never remember what is in the maybe box.

Have you seen the Brown dress blog? This women made a dress and wore it every day for a year. I was never much of a clother horse but even so I found the idea inspirational. Freedom from the feeling of needing to have lots of stuff - including lots of stylish clothing - is such a nice thing!
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