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Clothes for cd

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I've gotten by pretty easy with clothes fitting ds while wearing cloth. But now that he is wearing 12 mo stuff, most of the pants seem to narrow in the hips. Besides 0-3 mo jeans, he's never been able to fit into jeans or slack type pants. It's been fine to put him in comfy knit and fleece pants over the winter. But I've noticed at 12 mo the types of available baby clothes changes and they are more like little man clothes , so less stretchy pants. I usually buy thrift/consignment stuff for him. Anyone have any suggestions on what brands or a good place to look for cd friendly clothes (as cheap as possble). He'll probably wear mostly dipes and t-shirts at home this summer, but I'd like a few cute stuff for going out of the house.
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Hanna Andersson ( ) has amazing clothes for CDers. They're pricey (***light pink and blue wiggle pants - the ultimate pants for CDs - are on sale on their website for $6 at the moment!!!), but are very popular on ebay as well as here on the trading post, so you should be able to get some 'on the cheap' fairly easily! My kids wear HA almost exclusively since their clothes are certified free of pesticides and other harmful substances. ALSO - go to their website and see what you like, then check out the 'store locations' link - I call the outlets and ask for them to see if they have what I want and they're incredibly accommodating, and they send the stuff to me... super cheap for excellent quality, not to mention resale value!

I also like the one piece cotton knit outfits that gymboree sells. They have always fit over my CD's very well. I did get jeans from there ones, and I even upsized...but they didn't fit. So I stick with the cotton knits.
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I was going to post the same thing about Gymboree's one-piece rompers! I've found they're cute, fit the best over CDs, and aren't too long everywhere else from up-sizing.
Hanna Andersson wiggle pants are perfect over CDs. Also, after extensive testing with my older DS I concluded that the best fitting jeans over CDs are Canyon River Blues from Sears, and Sprockets from Mervyns.
With the exception of prefolds and covers, I've never had a problem fitting Sara's cloth diaper butt under Faded Glory jeans(the wal-mart brand). I also like putting her in overalls because they seem a bit roomier. Children's Place is generously sized(case in point, Sara is in ALL 18months jeans right now but her Children's Place jeans are 12months) in the tushie. Also, for little boys, lots of places do cargo pants which are a little roomier because they are made to fit a little baggy. I love Hanna Andersson but I really can't afford the stuff unless I find a good deal here on the TP. Old Navy seems to run a bit small so I don't recommend them unless you are getting their fleece pants in the wintertime for coverless fitteds and you still might have to size up. That bulky little cloth butt is why we do a lot of fitteds and wool longies or shorts as the season allows. Knit wool is a great option for diaper cover and pants/shorts in one step!

Gymboree clothes fit. All the baby sizes including the 2T-3T-4T are all cut with room for a cloth diaper.
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Another vote for Children's Place! They definately run big.
I agree - Sprockets from Mervyns work well and you can get them pretty cheap
Most of those places are too pricy for me... I look for elastic waist pants, usually khakis and jeans fit if they have elastic waists.
See now, I'm having issues with Children's Place jeans. I have some I bought last year that are labeled 36 months that are roomier than the 3T ones I bought this year, though technically they're the same size. Also, last year's 18 month jeans were never an issue, but this year's 24 months were. Which leads me to believe that there was a design change. They're cut a lot narrower in the front and I have a hard time getting some pants to snap close. Luckily, we're entering summer dress season!
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