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Hello everyone,

Anyone have ideas?

#1 I have an old weird smell in my pillowcases, old pajamas and some shirts. The smell is the same on them. It's hard to describe. Like musky/mildew, and a stranger kind of old oily sweat smell (I must have eaten something strange back then.)

I tried repeated washings, and tried Borax, Tide Ultra, Wisk, etc. No good.

#2 I bought a nice shirt from thrift store. It was drenched in perfume by whoever owned it. I want to get this smell out of it as I don't wear perfume.

I tried Borax, Tide ultra, several washings, and can't get it out. Any ideas?

Is there some industrial strength product to strip smells and oil? Maybe that mechanics, hunters, etc. use? I didn't find much on google.

Thank you.

I would really like to save these nice items -- but the smell is killin' me. : (
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