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CLothes that fit over Diaper Booty ?

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Well, it's official! We are going back to cloth and my first round of Fluffy Mail is ordered! I am incredibly excited and can't wait to get the new stash!

But, a thought just occurred to me....are DS clothes gonna fit over his big fat diaper booty? It is getting cooler here in SC and he's been wearing alot of overalls over onsies lately...i have a bad feeling the onsies we are using are going to be a tad small over his bottom. As well as the snap-up footies PJs we use. In fact, after looking over his clothes, i fear the only thing that is going to fit now are his overalls!

Has anyone run into this problem? Will have to buy all new stuff? Will one size up really work? i am so worried that DH is going to fuss about having buy up a bunch of new stuff on top of all i just spent on new dipes.

Sorry to be an overflowing fount of questions! It would be so easy if it were summer and he could just run around in nothing but a teeshirt!
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Overalls work really well, as do Land's End & LL Bean rompers and stuff. BUT....if you're going to be looking for new clothes, try checking out some of the WAHMs who make clothing designed for cloth diapered bottoms! There's quite a few out there, I understand.....
Is clothing with cloth diapers really a big problem? I have so many cute little outfits... I'll be so sad if they don't fit because of the diapers! (Lots of really cute Carter's sleepers with feet, so I can't just put him in a bigger one and roll the legs up...)

What is the least bulky cloth diapering method? Will a prefold and a cover be that bad?
I really do not have a major problem with this. I use a snappied prefold and PUL cover under clothing. I use wool soakers on my older son at night over either a fitted or snappied prefold. Most of my boys' pjs are stretchy and will accomadate cds. Sometimes I find that the baby will outgrow one piece outfits a little sooner than expected, but not much.
I don't have a big problem with this either, but I tend to buy roomy clothes.

To help your onesies fit better, you can buy little snap extenders online at One Step Ahead -- they extend the bottom of the onesie by about 2".

I've also had good luck with some adorable knit cargo pants that I got for like $7 at The Children's Place. I try hard to look for fleece or knit pants for my guy.
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