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Clothesline Recommendations Anyone?

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We have just moved into our own home, complete with a washer and dryer (no more wasting quarters trying to get CD's clean in stupid little apartment coin-ops) and we want a clothesline. Anyone got any suggestions - I'm thinking a multi-line retractable and two posts, so as not to hijack the yard all the time (it's decent size, but not huge). Another alternative would be the single pole kind I guess, but it seems like those would take longer for things to dry.
I'd really appreciate any links to where I could purchase the clothesline and probably posts too, as the home improvement stores have not been much help. Also installation tips would be welcomed.
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I got the umbrella folding clothesline from You can take it out of the foundation and put it away if you don't want to look at it all the time. I got tired of having my clothesline strung between 2 trees in the shade.

This looks neato too if you have a garage or live somewhere rainy.
I have an umbrella. It can hold 4 loads of laundry and keeps all my laundry in 1 small section of my yard instead of strung out over the length of my yard as the line that was up with 2 poles was. It does not take longer to dry clothes, air & sun still gets to all of it. Plus I can turn it around so that it is facing whatever direction the wind is in(actually it turns itself,lol) and they dry faster when the wind is blowing them. With the line across the yard you can't get that benefit unless the wind is going the right direction that day.
I have an umbrella line that we can take out of the ground should we want to mow or not look at the thing.

We got ours at Ace Hardware for $40.

I cant put 6 loads of clothes on there which is really more than I want to deal with at any one time.

It dries fine i was wondering if a straight line would be better but I have no problems with this. I turn it every so often while the clothes are drying.
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We have a retractable clothesline attached to the house. The pole is removable (good thing when we want to set up a volleyball court in the backyard for summer's set up now...wanna play?) and I can fit a big load of diapers, one of towels and at least one more load. We could have put the pole in the ground several feet farther from the house, but I'm not that ambitious on any given day with laundry.

We purchased our clothesline at Menards (like Lowe's) for around $35-40. We had some cement mix left from another project to anchor the pole cup in the ground. hth
Thanks for your comments everyone - we got an umbrella style at Menard's and now that it finally stopped raining here we got it in the ground last weekend. I was so excited I went around telling people - some of my co-workers may think I'm a little *more* nuts now!
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