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Clothing swap

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I got out all my winter clothes and they are so booorrrring. But I can't afford any new ones.

Does any one want to swap?

I really need some jeans, but I would be happy with some new sweaters!

I also have some boys clothes, but not alot- they are hard on clothes!

Is any one interested? Do you just want to do it at a book group meeting? It would be fun to have a pile of clothes to look through, and I probably have things someone else would appriciate!

What do you think?
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He He
You and I had the same idea! My boys have worn the heck outta their jeans--gaping holes in the knees, or i'd let you have them. I'm going through there winter stuff this week and anything i find that isnt gender neutral (poor ella
) I put aside for you
Maybe i could come up there for a change (if i can get over my fear of driving in the city). What size are your boys now?

Anyone need baby girl stuff or want to get rid of 12-18 mos. girl stuff?
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Hey Mallory, I have a pair of jeans I used to LOVE and now can't quite get into, since having a babe.
I'll bring them to book group!
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OK i'm a dummy. You meant jeans for YOU
Well, if i even owned a pair that didnt have holes in them, you'd be more than welcome to them--but doubt they'd fit given what shortie i am
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I think my boys are about 3T. Sorry I don't have any girl stuff
I would like to see you. And I know my boys would love to see your boys.

Thanks, Deirdre. I'll see you then!
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